Main Street Docking & Car Parking    Kenora



Docking Stall

$39/Foot LOA
  • For the summer season

Reserved Car Parking

  • For the summer season

Daily Docking Stall

$20.00/per day

Monthly Dock Stall

$13.00/foot of boat / Month

Rate Guidelines

  1.  Boat length is determined on the overall measured length ( LOA ) not manufacturers’ indicated length.
  2.  The free use of the boat launch is included at Two Bears Marina.
  3.  Garbage left on ground attracts bears to our site which is a safety risk to all so please take your garbage home.
  4.  There is assigned seasonal car parking for a fee, based on availability.
  5.  Summer and winter trailer storage is also available at Two Bears Marina at the east end of the lot on the railway tracks side.
  6.  The marine reserves the right to request that anyone causing any disturbance to other members or neighbours to either refrain from doing so, or they will be required to leave the property. We want everyone to enjoy staying at our marina.
  7.  Small vessel and vehicle storage agreement – All reasonable precautions have been taken to safeguard property. However, LOTW Docking assumes no responsibility for the safety of any vessel or vehicle while parked, docked or in storage. LOTW Docking will not be held liable for: fire, theft, or damage to any vessel or vehicle, its equipment , or any other property in or on any vessel or vehicle however arising. All insurance is the responsibilty of the owner.

Boating Guidelines

  • We do not permit any wake in the bay area, either coming or going. Large waves cause movement at the docks and can create damage and pinched fingers. Vessels MUST be completely off step while near the dock area.
  •  All of our clients are required to obey the boating and related regulations for Ontario as well as the Canada Shipping Act.
  • It is the responsibility of each boat owner or operator to ensure that their boat is tied properly and that it has boat fenders of a suitable size to ensure that damage will not occur. Also the boat should be covered and equipped with an automatic bilge pump. The marina manager checks the boats, but it is not the responsibility of the marina to make sure that the boat is properly equipped and secured.
  • Fueling of Boats For environmental reasons we request that boats not be fueled with gas cans at the docks.

Public Washrooms

  • In an effort to better service our customers, washrooms for men and women are available inside of Wharf Marina convenience store. We make every effort to keep the facilities clean and would ask that our clients and their guests also keep them neat and tidy.

We Are Pet Friendly

  • We have a large number of visitors who have pets coming and going at all times.
  • Clients and their guests are required to keep their pets leashed at all times and pick up and dispose of your pet’s droppings, to ensure a good experience for all members and their pets.