April 23, snow is almost gone from the road

Picture to left is Aug 25 – Raining, the weather is starting to change. Time to think about winter storage for the boat.

Winter Storage and Mechanical Repairs

Winterizing a boat is so important due to the fact that water gets into the cracks and crevices during use, and the process of the water freezing and unfreezing can severely damage the integrity of the boat. Unless you have the proper boat shrink wrap being used during the off-season, you risk damage to the canvas, vinyl, and the enclosures. Boat Winterization protects it not only from the cold temperatures, but also the wind and UV exposure that can wreak additional damage.

Winterizing a boat with LOTW Docking means you receive expert employees that have been winterizing boats for many years, with the experience you need to perform the tough shrink wrapping process.

Boat shrink wrap is not cheap and winterizing a boat is not easy, so let our expert staff do the work for you.

LOTW Docking accepts all makes and models for winter storage if you have your own trailer. If you do not have your own trailer and you want it blocked and stored for the winter then we will block boats up to 34 ft. in length.

Our services include:

  •  Mechancial services to boats and engines
  •  Hull cleaning
  •  Anti-freeze and fuel stabilizer
  •  Engine oil and filter changes
  •  Shrink wrap
  •  Blocking for those without a trailer
  •  Additional services requested will be performed by a third party licensed and fully insured mechanic.

Boat up to LOA Price
18’ $
20’ $
22’ $
24’ $
26’ $
28’ $
30’ $
Over 30’

Included in Storage Fee:

  • Pressure wash hull. Stabilize fuel.
  • Check engine oil. Check outdrive oil
  • Check batteries and electrical system
  • Assess unit and advise of repairs needed
  • Erect support system and shrink wrap boat
  • Spring time – 15min vaccum and clean windows
  • Run up engine and deliver to dock stall

Not included in storage rate

Winterize inboard engine,  per engine, anti-freeze $
Change engine oil and filter,  per engine $
Change lower unit oil,  per lower unit $
Winterize auxilary engine $
Remove I/O outdrive and grease u-joints,  per outdrive $
Pick up or deliver of boat (other than Two Bears) $
Seadoo storage $
Indoor storage extra (as available) $
Winterize water system $
Mechanical work $

We are looking forward to fullfilling your winter maintenance and storage requirements. Your boat will be conveniently stored on the marina site and will be ready and in the water for you at the start of the new season or as required.

Two weeks written / email notice is required for removal from storage and ready for the boating season.

Small vessel and vehicle storage agreement – All reasonable precautions have been taken to safeguard property. However, LOTW Docking assumes no responsibility for the safety of any vessel or vehicle while docked or in storage. LOTW Docking will not be held liable for : fire, theft, or damage to any vessel or vehicle, its equipment , or any other property in or on any vessel or vehicle however arising. All insurance is the responsibilty of the owner. Boats accepted for storage after Oct 1 are taken at owners risk of freezing damage.